Family Fun Pack

Our most popular deal which combines all the fun activities we offer.

Trip 1 or Trip 2 canoe trip. 2 go kart rides & 18 hole mini-golf - $34 per person, $25 per kid 10 and under

No additional cost to upgrade to a kayak.

The package can be done in one day or two days. Most of our customers prefer to do the canoeing portion in the morning and the go-kart and mini-golf in the evening.


Go-Kart Rides

Two go-kart rides and 18 hole mini golf- $20 per person


Canoeing And Horseback Riding Package

We have partnered with Happy Trails Horseback Riding to save you money on summers most popular activities. The package is paid for at each seperate location giving you a great discount on horseback riding and canoeing. In order to book the package please call Happy Trails at 740-380-6372 to schedule an appointment for horseback riding. Then bring your reciept to Adventures to recieve an additional discount on canoeing.

Trip 1 canoe rental with a 1 hour horseback ride=$42

Discounted Prices are Canoe: $17, Horseback Riding: $26

Trip 2 canoe rental with 2 horseback ride=$69

Discounted prices are Canoe $21, Horseback Riding $48

Switch to a kayak for $5 more

Walkins accepted for the canoe portion, reservations for the horseback ride is HIGHLY recommended. To recieve the package customer must pay for each attraction at each individual location.

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