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The Hocking river was named from the Indian name Hokhochen, which meant “bottle-shaped” and referred to the configuration of the river at the present-day Rock Mill in Lancaster Ohio. The name Hokhochen carried on until the 1800s in which it became shortened to “Hocking” river. More than likely it became Hocking because of the difficulty of pronouncing Hokhochen. The area eventually took the name of the river as today the surrounding area is known as the Hocking Hills.

The Hocking River starts in Lancaster Ohio and flows south east until it reaches the Ohio River. It has an average depth of 3-4 feet, but there are areas up to twelve feet deep. The Hocking is calm class I river with very few big rapids or rocks to be worried about. No matter what vehicle you choose to explore the river with, you’re sure to have a great time! To find the best option for you, click to learn more about each boat option below.

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