View of Canoes: A happy family on the Hocking River

Hocking Hills Adventures

Paddle to experience a new dimension. Float away into an amazing new world where a natural high waits for you. Experience the hills and valleys how there meant to be hundreds of years ago. Enjoy the landscape of the unique Hocking Hills, the magnificent Natural Rockbridge, exhilarating Super Zip and the historic Hocking Canal all before you return to the canoe livery. The ageless wonder of canoeing.

In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time. — (Leonardo da Vinci)

Canoeing has remained popular since the days of Native Americans who used canoes to travel across lakes and rivers. Although canoes back then were used as a neccessity than a form of liesure, canoeing has stayed popular for several common reasons. One it can require as much effort or little effort as you want. If you looking for a good workout you can paddle fast but if you are looking to relax, by all means you can do that too. Ultimately it requires very little skill to manoeuver a canoe on the Hocking River. The person in the stern (back of the canoe) steers the boat and the person in bow (front of boat) provides the power. If both partners are paddling in union and on opposite sides the canoe will go straight, if not the canoe will zig zag (believe us this happens often!). The worse case scenario would be to paddle slow and enjoy the scenery as the river takes you back to the canoe livery where you car is parked. Finally canoeing allows you to connect with nature. Since you are encouraged to paddle at your own pace you are able to stop along the river for whatever you find interesting. All together canoeing promotes togetherness and creates lasting memories with your family and friends. .

Our trips run on the best canoeing section of the Hocking River, starting at Sugar Grove and all trips conclude at the Canoe Livery. This 15 mile stretch of river is known for is for its natural beauty and secluded isolation as well as the opportunity to see the Natural Rockbridge and remnants of the old Hocking Canal. The Hocking Canal ran close to the Hocking River, it was destroyed by flooding in 1889 and never rebuilt.

Frequently Asked Questions
    Here's a sample of the most commonly asked questions. Anything not listed can be answered by our friendly office staff by calling 1-740-385-8685 ext-4
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances come up and cancellations become necessary. It is our policy to grant refunds if notified 7 days prior to arrival date minus a $10 processing fee. If cancelled within 7 days of arrival date you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule. The chance to reschedule expires after one year. We still operate in rain unless there is lightning. If we cancel due to bad weather you will be offered to reschedule or a refund.

  • Are there any waivers to fill out for canoeing?
  • Yes waivers must be filled out prior to arrival with a reservation. Waivers are available in the office for our walk-in customers.

  • What should I wear canoeing?
  • It's best to dress in warm layers that you can and add or shed depending on the outside temperature. The riverbed can be very rocky, therefore flip flops are not recommended. It is adviseable to wear a sandel with a backstrap.

  • When is the best time to canoe?
  • Just like a regular amusement park, Hocking Hills Adventures will be busiest during weekends and holidays. On these days business levels are typically lower in the morning, pick up during the afternoon and then die down as the afternoon progresses. It is possible that at times we can be sold out! It is always a good idea to make a reservation to ensure you get on the water as quick as possible. Typically there are less people are on the river on weekdays and Sundays.

  • How many people can fit in a canoe?
  • You can fit two adults and two kids (10 and under) in a canoe or can also fit 3 adults in a canoe

  • Are there any age requirements to canoe?
  • There are no minimum/maximum age requirements when rivers conditions are normal. One of the great advantages of canoeing is that anyone regardless of skill level can participate. With that said it is important to know your and your children's limitations and to not take a trip longer than you are comfortable. When water conditions are high unexperienced canoeist and children are allowed in rafts only.

  • What is the weight capacity for a canoe?
  • A canoe can typically hold roughly 500 pounds. People heavier than 250 pounds are not advised to go on a kayak. The bow (front) of the canoe is usually the best seat for a larger person.

  • What are the requirements for reservations?
  • River Trip reservations require a 100% prepayment. Reservation guarantees you boats on your chosen day and time. Reservations are always recommended especially on wee When does the season start and end? Our season is from April 1st through the end of October 31st. We operate 7 days a week. Reservations are required during the months of April and October.

  • Are reservations recommended?
  • Yes reservations are highly recommended. Reservations expedite the check-in process. Busy weekends are known to sell out. The easiest way to make a reservation is online or by calling our friendly staff at 740-385-8685 ext 4.

River Rules

  • Glass Containers: For public safety the possession of glass containers is prohibited
  • Mesh Litter Bags: Canoes and kayaks can tip causing trash from boat to spill into the river. A mesh litter bag is a good idea to keep contents secure in the canoe or kayak. Bags are sold for only $1 in the gift shop
  • Fastened Cooler Lids: If you are transporting food and/or beverage must be kept in a sealed cooler or container that prevents the contents from spilling into the river.
  • Use a Koozie for Beverages: All beverage containers not securely contained in a sealed cooler or mesh litter bag must be held in a floating holder that is designed to prevent it from sinking beneath the surface of the water. Kozi’s are sold in our shop.
  • Coolers: The use of Styrofoam coolers is prohibited while floating the Hocking River. Styrofoam is easily susceptible to breaking in the event your canoe or kayak capsized. Much debris is caused by foam coolers inability to contain contents. Please plan accordingly and bring a hard or soft cooler in a canoe or kayak and soft coolers only in rafts.
  • Life Vests (PDFs): Every vessel must have a life vest for each person. Children under age 14 must wear a securely fastened life vest. All life vests must be of proper size for the person wearing it.
  • Late Fees: All boats must be back by 7:30 or late fees apply

River Trips

Crocketts Run: Trip #1

5 miles, 2-3 hours
Crocketts Run to Livery is our shortest outing on the Hocking River. The river moves a little bit slower on this 5 mile stretch compared to the Upper Hocking. Therefore it is an ideal trip for beginners, parents with young children or those who are a little anxious about canoeing.
The cost is $40 per canoe

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Crocketts Run

Crocketts Run

Natural Rockbridge: Trip #2

7 miles, 2-3 hours
Natural Rockbridge to Livery is our most popular trip. What better way to start off your river trip than viewing the awesome Natural Rockbridge. Our river access is directly across from the magnificent Natural Rockbridge.The cost is $50 per canoe,

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Natural Rockbridge

Natural Rockbridge

Riverside Campground: Trip #3

9 miles, 3-4 hours
Riverside Campground to Livery offers the best uncrowded section of the Hocking. The upper sectioni has several unique rock formations and river tributaries. View the Natural Rockbridge and Paddle pass the Natural Rockbridge state protected nature preserves. Watch the exhilarating SUPER ZIP as you paddle under the quater mile zip from Hocking Hills Canopy Tours. Riverside Campground must depart by Noon on weekdays and 10:00am on weekends. Reservations are required on weekends and holidays and highly recommended weekdays for this trip. The cost is $65 per canoe.

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Riverside Campground

Riverside Campground

Mid River Trip

4 miles, 1-2 hours
Only on select dates through the summer we are offering a special trip that offers the best section of the Hocking River. This trip starts at our Riverside Campground departure zone and flows downstream to Crocketts Run Departure Zone where we pick you up and take you back to your car. This gives you the opportunity to view the entire Natural Rockbridge State Preserves without having to spend 3-4 hours on the river. The cost is $45 per canoe.

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Mid River Trip

Mid River Trip

Canoe or Kayak?


Having trouble deciding between a canoe or kayak, here is a chart based on our opinion only, on the advantages of each.


Advantage Canoe

Advantage Kayak

Both Canoe and Kayak

More Space    
More Comfortable    
Seat Backs    
Easy Paddling    
Higher Skill Level    
More Stable    


More Space

Canoe Dog

The options are pretty much unlimited on who or what you can put in a canoe. You can get two adults and two children in a canoe, or three adults and three pets, or two adults three coolers, your lazy boy recliner the and the kitchen sink. (You get the idea). Old Town and We-no-ah canoes vary from 15 to 17 feet in length. They can carry an average capacity of 850 pounds.

Canoe Backrests

Seat Backs

Only Hocking Hills Adventures offers mounted seat backs on their canoes.

These adjustable seat backs allow to sit back while you paddle the Hocking River.


More Stable


The bottom line is that a beginning kayaker can get around fine on calm water, without instruction. Canoeists may need a little training. Without it, they might just go around in circles until they learn to paddle right. On the other hand canoes are more stable allowing for comfortable practice until the craft is mastered.

Boat Options

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