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Looking for something fun to do while in the Hocking Hills? Well grab a tube and head out on the river! Tubing is arguably one of summer's most refreshing activities. We make tubing convenient and easy. Be prepared to relax the entire day as you float liesurely downstream. The trip starts at Crocketts Run and concludes at the Canoe Livery.

Hocking Hills Adventures offers an amazing tube trip on the Hocking River. Be prepared to relax the entire day away as you float leisurely downstream. The trip starts at our Riverside Campground departure zone and flows downstream to Crockets Run Departure Zone, where we pick you up and take you back to your car. The trip is approximately 4 miles and takes 3-5 hours depending on water levels.

Wild rivers are earth's renegades, defying gravity, dancing to their own tunes, resisting the authority of humans, always chipping away, and eventually always winning. 
-Richard Bangs, River God

The trip takes 4-5 hours and is available until 12:00pm in season.

Tubing season is Memorial Day to Labor Day depending on the water temperatures and weather.. Call ahead for availability. Reservations are required.

Cost is $17 per tube


Reservation Policy

River Trip reservations require a 100% prepayment. Reservation gaureentees you boats on your choosen day and time. Reservations are always recommended especially on weekends.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances come up and cancellations become necessary. It is our policy to grant refunds if notified 7 days prior to arrival date minus a $10 processing fee. If cancelled within 7 days of arrival date you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule. The chance to reschedule expires after one year. We still operate in rain unless there is lightning. In the event of bad weather or lightning you will have the opportunity to reschedule. The chance to reschedule expires after one year.

River Rules

We want your visit to be a positive experience. We ask that all guests read and understand our policies before booking a cabin.

  • Glass Containers: For public safety the possession of glass containers is prohibited
  • Mesh Litter Bags: Canoes and kayaks can tip causing trash from boat to spill into the river. A mesh litter bag is a good idea to keep contents secure in the canoe or kayak. Bags are sold for only $1 in the gift shop
  • Fastened Cooler Lids: If you are transporting food and/or beverage must be kept in a sealed cooler or container that prevents the contents from spilling into the river.
  • Use a Koozie for Beverages: All beverage containers not securely contained in a sealed cooler or mesh litter bag must be held in a floating holder that is designed to prevent it from sinking beneath the surface of the water. Kozi's are sold in our shop.
  • Coolers: The use of Styrofoam coolers is prohibited while floating the Hocking River. Styrofoam is easily susceptible to breaking in the event your canoe or kayak capsized. Much debris is caused by foam coolers inability to contain contents. Please plan accordingly and bring a hard or soft cooler in a canoe or kayak and soft coolers only in rafts.
  • Life Vests (PDFs): Every vessel must have a life vest for each person. Children under age 14 must wear a securely fastened life vest. All life vests must be of proper size for the person wearing it.
  • Late Fees: All boats must be back by 7:30 or late fees apply
Online Waiver

Once the group leader has completed the online reservation head over to our participant agreement page. Have you entire group sign the waiver release before arrival. If everyone in your group has signed the release then you can skip the office line and go straight to the bus departure zone!

Advantages of Tubing

Liesure Liesure Liesure

If you have the entire day to simply relax then tubing is the way to go! Float all day in the river no paddling needed!


Boat Options


Our Mission is to provide safe and memorable outdoor experiences through fun and friendly service. We strive to exceed our guest's expectations in providing outdoor experiences that are Memorable, Safe, Clean and Fun.

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